Our business activities cover various commercial areas – printing industry, engineering, architecture and development or sport. While doing so, we somehow always end up encountering the issue of waste and various degree of the Earth’s degradation. The same Earth we live on, do business on, bring up our children on; the Earth from which we draw not only commercial energy, but also energy for all our personal activities.

The Earth is the Source of our Energy.

The Earth is, however, also the source of raw materials that we often turn into waste. It is a place that we keep degrading by straining it. If waste is already created, we’d like to turn it into other resources. The ones we can return to the Earth in a form that will not only cause it no harm, but, on the contrary, will help it to regenerate itself. Resources may be the energy for our Earth.

Zdroje Zeme a.s. ( The Earth´s Resources )

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BDMW biodegradable municipal waste

No idea what to do with biological waste accumulated over long periods of time? We are about to put it back into circulation.

Complex of equipment and non-waste method of processing biodegradable municipal waste that turns bio-waste into reusable bioproducts and bioenergy practically online.

effeco eco effective soil care

Do you want to have worms in your soil again? Use effeco.

An effective ecologic substrate and a fertilizer at the same time

  • for long-term regeneration of depleted and chemically treated soil
  • biochar and manure-based
  • returning to historical natural laws using the latest world trends
Find out more at effeco.eu


We develop solutions for non-waste disposal of biodegradable municipal waste (BDMW) and are creating technology and implementing processes leading to soil regeneration and reclamation We see these activities as unique and therefore we protect them.

Trade marks

We own a trade mark for the brand name Zdroje Zeme and for the name of our main product, a biochar regeneration and reclamation substrate effeco.

Patents / Utility models

We own a number of industrial utility models and have submitted applications for domestic and international patent models for the production process, products and equipment for treatment of bio-waste and production of regeneration substrate.

PP98-2016 / PUV 120-2016
PP114-2016 / PUV 148-2016
PP113-2016 / PUV 147-2016
PP54-2017 / PUV151-2017


Currently, we are in the process of certification and verification of efficiency and sustainability of soil regeneration and reclamation processes by means of the biochar substrate effeco.

We cooperate with a worldwide renowned company in the process of obtaining an audit for economic and ecological sustainability of processes and products.


Our philosophy is to conduct all of our business activities as environmentally friendly as possible – from waste treatment through bio processes and products to reconstruction of unused brownfields and recyclable packaging.

Similarly, we want to help develop and support also activities that are close to us as humans.


  • Local Christmas market / we supported the pleasant Christmas season atmosphere by a financial donation
  • Contribution to children in need / we supported two local families by a financial donation
  • Golf tournaments 2018 / we support the development of the sport and education and activities of children in a small club www.zrgk.sk both financially and materially

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Zdroje Zeme a.s.

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Zdroje Zeme a.s.

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925 71 Trnovec nad Váhom

Slovak republic



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Ing.arch. Miroslav Marynčák

Ing.arch. Miroslav Marynčák

Chairman of the Board

"Whatever you do, do it with passion and with regard to nature and people around you."

Ing. Vladimír Veselovský

Ing. Vladimír Veselovský

Board member

"We are living in times when we need to seek various solutions that also involve waste."