Mankind has been continuously exploiting natural resources, e.g. land, forests and minerals and producing large amounts of waste. As a result, there is devastated land and emissions causing climate crisis. There are policies that support the transformation towards sustainable lifecycle of resources, and some solutions are being developed; however, they are rather focused on re-cycling (1-2 times) rather than a real renewing of the natural resources.

The EFFECO solution by Zdroje Zeme differs significantly. It turns waste into value by processing municipal and industrial biodegradable waste, waste from farming and animal production. It is a sustainable solution with soil improving substrate and green energy as mainproducts. It is a perfect circular economy solution contributing to sustainable development goals as defined by the UN and the EU Green Deal plan.

Company Zdroje Zeme is a member of European Compost Network with the mission to promote the adoption of sustainable systems for organic waste management through integration of strategies, technological development and improvement of practices.

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Bio-waste Processing Solution

Bio-waste separate collection and its re-cycling will become mandatory by 2024 in the EU.

EFFECO patented process improves the efficiency of existing solutions for biowaste treatment like composting and anaerobic digestion.

By 31 December 2023, bio-waste must either be separated and recycled at source or collected separately and not mixed with othertypes of waste. - EU Directive (EU) 2018/851 on waste

  • EFFECO complex process can be integrated with existing treatment methods for reasonable cost.
  • The EFFECO processisenergy-positive with bio fuels as by-products (bio CNG, bio-methane).
  • Any plant with composting and/ or AD process can become an EFFECO facility.
  • It combines the benefits of both and overcomes their limits by patented innovation.
  • New biowaste processing plants can benefit from validated setup of the EFFECO pilot plant in Horný Jatov, Slovakia.
  • Talk to our team to bring EFFECO to your region!

Soil Improvement Substrate

More than 60% of European soil is unhealthy and 25% land is at high risk to desertification. The company has signed the Save Organics in Soli Manifesto and offers a concrete solution.

EFFECO Soil Improvement Substrate renews natural resources as it is capable to bind carbon, increase the soil fertility and renew life in land.

It is a sustainable care that utilizes the never-ending cycle of restoration of natural resources to enhance soil fertility and quality.

Encourage the use of organic fertilisers and soil improvers, thereby decreasing the EU's dependency on imports of mineral fertilisers. - EU Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 on fertilizers.

  • The EFFECO substrate has 10Y+ durability and iseasy to store, transport and apply to soil.
  • The EFFECO substrate contains recycled nutrients and increases organic matter in soil.
  • • Soil in the EU can store up to 3,5 millions tons of CO2 a year and become more fertile at the same time.
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Our solutions are based on original research and development of the company and its strategic partners. The production process, products and equipment for treatment of bio-waste and production of regeneration substrate are protected by four domestic and two international patents in number of countries. This allows to develop business with high added value into various regions of the EU and overseas. Also, the trademark of the solution, product and the company name Zdroje Zeme are subject to protection.

Trade marks

We own a trade mark for the brand name Zdroje Zeme and for the name of our main product, a biochar regeneration and reclamation substrate effeco.

Patents / Utility models

We own a number of industrial utility models and have submitted applications for domestic and international patent models for the production process, products and equipment for treatment of bio-waste and production of regeneration substrate.

PP98-2016 / PUV 120-2016
PP114-2016 / PUV 148-2016
PP113-2016 / PUV 147-2016
PP54-2017 / PUV151-2017


Currently, we are in the process of certification and verification of efficiency and sustainability of soil regeneration and reclamation processes by means of the biochar substrate effeco.

We cooperate with a worldwide renowned company in the process of obtaining an audit for economic and ecological sustainability of processes and products.

Pilot Site

Pilot Site in Horný Jatov (SK) has been transformed from a devastated brownfield into an experiment and pilot production plant. It benefits from the proximity of local resources (50 km diameter) providing biodegradable municipal, industrial and agriculture waste, biofuel station and demand for bio-fertilizers by local cereals and vegetable producers.

The same setup will be sought in commercial production sites. The site is designed to process 150 000 tons of waste and produce 20.000 tons of effeco by ZZ and 1,2 MWh of energy per year.

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Miroslav Marynčák

Miroslav Marynčák

CEO, Board member

"Whatever you do, do it with passion and with regard to nature and people around you."

Ing. Vladimír Veselovský

Ing. Vladimír Veselovský

Chairman of the board

"We are living in times when we need to seek various solutions that also involve waste."